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NEOGEN - is a development
in the field of health improvement
based on the principles of endogenous
bio-resonance correction
of the body with biological feedback.

There are two unique methods
of electromagnetic and audible feedback
implemented in NEOGEN device.

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  Constantly supports physiological homeostasis and immunity.
  Gives ´powerup´ to the body - external energy and physiological reserves.
  Provides regeneration - restoration of cells integrity and launches the rejuvenation processes.
  Alleviates the course of any disease and speeds the recovery process.
  Restores functions of all systems and organs.
  Restores higher nervous function, memory, thinking processes, emotional and psychological state.

Electromagnetic feedback - E.M. feedback

NEOGEN emits ultra-spread-spectrum electromagnetic signal to the body. The signal passes layer by layer and is reflected from all systems and organs – skin, muscles, bones, spinal fluid, internal organs, brain cortex. The reflected signal is received by special receiver and gets demodulated. This way, the device ´hears´ all the physiological processes in the body – how erythrocytes are moving along the blood channels, how heart is beating, the blood is flowing, it hears your breathing, work of neurons, all that is happening inside of your body. The demodulated processed signal gets enhanced and comes back to the body. The chain of biological feedback is closed. There turn on the mechanisms of chemotaxis and normalize the biochemical processes of cell´s work. There develop the physiological and biochemical reactions, opposite to those that occur during stress.

Voice audible feedback

Voice is closely related to the physiological and emotional state of a human. The same way as eyes are the mirror of the soul, the voice is a reflection of health. Everything is related in the body, the voice parameters depend on nervous system state, which organises the work of all organs in an entire process that is the most complex psychophysical action.
NEOGEN reads the voice parameters at the moment or pronunciation by a person and sends the signal back in form of modulated spread-spectrum electromagnetic signal. It leads to stochastic resonance in the body. As a result, there change the values of central and vegetative nervous system. The changes of brain encephalogram are fixed.
There should be put positive intentions into the pronounced text – prayer, affirmation, wish yourself health, happiness. Application of NEOGEN in the mode of voice audible feedback should be limited at the moment of bright negative emotions such as anger, irritation, severe fright. The ultimate aim of the symbiosis of the device and a human is obtaining such a state which would reflect the intention put into the pronounced sound. With a correct application of NEOGEN in the mode of voice audible feedback there improve physiological and emotional states of a human.


Price 790$

Please specify the delivery time at the warehouse from which you make your order